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Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at KC Collector Expo shows.

As a family friendly event, KC Collector Expo prohibits the display or sale of any product of a pornographic or sexual nature. KC Collector Expo also prohibits the sale of any weapons, real or realistic (certain exceptions will be made for “Nerf” style toys, and other items at the discretion of KC Collector Expo staff).


Now accepting applications for the next show on October 15th, 2023.

See the FLOOR MAP page on the website for availability.

Send email to and include: 

  • *Name

  • *Business Name (optional)

  • *Type of products to sell, toys, comics etc.

  • *Size and quantity of tables/booth reservations desired

  • *Desired table/booth assignments numbers. Every effort will be made to accommodate this.

  • *Please see the Floor Map page for updated table/spots availability.            

  • *Your PayPal billable email address for invoice.

  • *Vendor spots will be purchasable via PayPal invoicing. Invoice payment is due within 10 days to ensure locking in your spots.

  1. *8x6 corner  = $50 available with 1x 8' table & 2 chairs. Corners provide an additional 3' of customer isle facing space to bring your own table, stack-able shelves and more. These are issued on a first come first serve basis. These maybe reserved for returning vendors or assigned to those who build a larger footprint that is needed above what an inline table space can provide. Vendor wrist bands will be limited to 2 per single vendor reservation and no more than 4 wristbands for multiple table/spots purchased.

  2. *8x6 inline  = $50 available 1x 8' table & 2 chairs. Vendor wrist bands will be limited to 2 per vendor single vendor reservation and no more than 4 wristbands for multiple table/spots purchased.

  3. *Extra Large - Custom layouts - show specific and prices vary based on number of spots and floor space merged. 

Vendor booth assignments shall be flexible to accommodate vendors who purchase multiple spots so they can remain together. Table assignments are finalized closer to the dates of the shows and emailed to all vendors at that time. Assignments may also be set immediately depending on the show.


Vendors are responsible for their own collection and payment of Missouri State Sales Tax. The minimum 2023 Kansas City, MO sales tax rate is 9.13%.  The State of Missouri requires that Vendors acquire a special event sales tax number in advance of any event. Exhibitors may obtain documents from the State of Missouri. Form 2643S can be downloaded here:

For more information about Sales Tax requirements contact the Missouri Department of Revenue. Learn about your legal obligations here:

Disabled American Veterans Hall.

14605 E US Hwy 40, Kansas City, MO 64136 (0.5mi east on 40hwy & Noland Rd. Independence, MO).

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